Suppliers Registration

Data of contractors and suppliers

Comoany's Information
Information about the owner or authorized manager of the facility
Information about the authorized alternative for the facility (if any)
Commercial Register
The licenses required for the company' s activity
Financial Info
Applicant name
Attach files

Please fill out the form in a clear way, if the place designed for filling in the data is not enough, we hope to write a letter on the .company’s letter and attach it to this form in case there are any inquiries regarding completing the request, you can contact us.

  1. Phone number: 966 54 783 2691 966 41 278 9463
  2. Email

Kindly provide the following documents:

  • The Commercial Register
  • Certificate of registration of the company with value added tax
  • ID of the owner
  • Authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce for the person authorized to sign the contract if he is not the owner of the company
  • ID of the delegate who will sign the contract
  • The licenses required for the company' s activity
  • Any other related documents