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During the year 1441, the school transport fleet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made more than 13 million trips, covering a distance of more than 570 million km. This has contributed in helping parents and supporting the Saudi national economy by canceling 360 million school trips for parents, which results in saving in fuel consumption, reducing public congestion and protecting the environment.

If the concept of safe transportation is a comprehensive civilized concept that promotes national values ​​and contributes to raising the youth on social responsibility, then Seitco was one of the most important pillars of applying this principle through the good implementation of contracts concluded with the Development Company for Educational Transport Services


Working to lead the public transport sector to the highest international levels in accordance with the aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision.


Seitco is committed to give its customers the utmost care by providing sustainable, reliable and professional transportation services.


الإحتراف: فريق يتميز بإحترافية تنفيذية عالية

التطور: نتعلم من تجاربنا ونؤهل فرقنا دائما من خلال برامج إحترافية

الإلتزام: ننفذ وعودنا بحذافيرها
Transparency: We share the latest advancements and news with partners

الرفاهية: خدمة عملاء متميزة وفقاً لأرقى المعايير العالمية

Seitco Features

The best Company for school transportation

Company's Projects

Riyadh, Tabuk, and Madinah projects

A Special Fleet

2407 buses for school transportation

Main Stations

Riyadh 121,000 square meters, Tabuk 50,000 square meters, Medina 25,000 square meters